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Mykonos is a complete test automation tools for Android Device using Robot Framework and UI Automator (Python), it easy to learn because Mykonos use BDD syntax to write the test cases.


pip install mykonos


  • Download and Install android emulator, base on the guidance Genymotion or Android Emulator.
  • Make sure emulator is available by checking with adb devices, for more detail info please check the adb command on ADB Shell guidance.
  • Make sure Robot Framework is able to run by execute robot –version and it will get Robot Framework version as a result.
  • Create a file (sample.robot).
  • Import __Mykonos__ Library on the Robot Framework Test Suite.
  • Write test case base on Robot Framework guidance.

Selector Support:

  • text, textContains, textMatches, textStartsWith
  • className, classNameMatches
  • description, descriptionContains, descriptionMatches, descriptionStartsWith
  • checkable, checked, clickable, longClickable
  • scrollable, enabled,focusable, focused, selected
  • packageName, packageNameMatches
  • resourceId, resourceIdMatches
  • index, instance

Detail Keywords:

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